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Assessment of Built Environment Quality in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria (Published)

The interactions between man and environment determine both the quality of environment and as well as the quality of life that man lives. The feedback mechanisms of the interactions between man and environment are directly proportional. The increase in the number of urban dwellers is no more novel as over 50% of the world population resides in urban centers. This continuous and accidental increase in the number of urban dwellers with respect to their actions in the environment has played significant roles in the depletion of the quality of the environment. Since human health or wellbeing depends on the quality of his immediate environment, the focus on environmental quality emerged as a key area for research in urban and regional planning. This paper appraises the quality of the built environment in a steadily urbanizing traditional settlement in Ogbomoso North Local Government, Nigeria using selected environmental quality indicators while necessary recommendations are put forward to rejuvenate sickening built environment.

Keywords: Built, Depletion, Environment, Health, Human, Nigeria, Quality, Urban

Assessment and Control Measures of Flood Risk in Ajibode Area of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria (Published)

Flood is one of the major factors that prevent Africa’s population from escaping poverty level. The most hit by flood are usually urban poor who have less choice, but to end up living in flood prone areas. Ravaging flood events in Nigeria can be dated back to 1963 in Ibadan city, when Ogunpa River was over-flown causing loss of lives and properties. Many factors have been attributed as the resultant factors leading to floods in literature. This study thus assesses flood risk and its control measures in Ajibode area of Ibadan, Oyo state, while appropriate recommendations are made in order to reduce flood risk in the study area. In order to achieve this, questionnaires were administered through random systematic sampling technique to the household heads of 216 buildings from 720 buildings as the sampling frame of the study. Chi-square test reveals significant relationships between annual house rent and monthly income of the respondents with their vulnerability to flood with p-values of 0.00 and 0.04 respectively.

Keywords: Channelization, Control, Flood, Hazard, Measures, Nigeria, Risk, Urban, river

Pattern of Fencing and Impacts in Urban Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines the pattern and impact of fencing in Auchi, Edo State Nigeria. The objectives among others identified the compliance to fence standards and the role of the planning authorities in the area. Data for this study were generated from primary and secondary sources. Questionnaires, field measurements and interviews were the major tools for data collections. The study observed that very many houses were fenced in the area but the fencing was without observance to building codes and standard. While some fences were constructed right on and over the right of ways, some were seen to be too high. This pattern of fencing was found to be having negative impacts on the development of Auchi. Among the impacts were traffic congestion, accidents, erosion and flooding and poor aesthetics. The study also observed that the planning authority in the area were not up to their responsibility in the control of development in Auchi. Among the recommendations given to correct this pattern of development were urban renewal exercise and the making of a master plan which will comprehensively guide the area for sustainable physical development.

Keywords: Edo, Fence, Impacts, Nigeria, Pattern, Urban

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