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Spatial Behavior

Spatial Behavioural Aspects of The Arab Built Environment (Published)

People play crucial roles in the adaptation of their environment to satisfy their needs for creative expression, security, safety, societal identity, and spatial tendency. The manifold and everchanging human needs accentuate the dynamics of spatial behaviors that alternate in respect to loss and gain of information. This article emphasizes the idea that spatial pattern is the manifestation of spatial behavior that goes through a continuous process of feedback. The process occurs when the user decides to maintain or modify the physical appearance of the surroundings and decides to create, accept, reject, or avoid any particular event. As an example of Arab cities, this article mainly examines the Damascene built environment as a reflection of users’ spatial behavior. The study associates Damascene built environment to the Behavior as a Spatial Search model presented by Bjorklund; including the symbolic presentations, relationship among different functional spaces, constituent architectural details, and streetscapes.

Keywords: Cultural Context, Feedback, Personal Experiences, Sensory System, Spatial Behavior, Spatial Pattern

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