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Bringing Designers And Cliatologst Together: The Nigerian Experience (Published)

This paper examines the problems related to the efficient and effective application of meteorology/climatology planning and design. The paper begins by discussing the lack of mutual understanding between climatologists and designers for examples as regards (a) the lack of agreements on basic definitions and concepts in the application of meteorology/climatology (b) the need to establish practical procedures for the application of meteorological knowledge and data during the successive stages of planning, designs and construction and (c) the need for close co-operation between meteorologists and building professional. The paper then examine the wide range of applications of meteorological knowledge to planning and building design and the very large market for meteorological services which can be tailored to the needs of planning and building industry with illustrations for the tropical urban centers in genera] and West Africa and Nigeria urban centers in particular. The paper also discusses the promotions needed to achieve cooperation and collaboration between meteorologists and designers with illustrations from the activities of the Climatologists in Nigeria in general and the Climatologists Research Group at the University of Lagos in particular. Examples of such activities being carried out by the Climatologists Research Group in University of Lagos include (a) exchange of knowledge through publications especially of the African Climatologists Research Series established by the Group (b) assisting in the provision of Climatological data and in the application of the meteorological/climatological data is design (c) organized seminars on topics which involves application of the meteorological and climatological data (d) promoting the involvement of-’ planners and designers in the activities of the Nigerian Meteorological Society (e) serving as a linkage between the Development of the Nigerian Meteorological Services and planners and designers especially in the University of Lagos. The paper finally discusses the key issue in the ability to apply n-meteorological/climatological data to planning and designing such issues discussed include (a) effective co—operation between climatological and designers research and development. (b) Development of appropriate data banks network of observations appropriate data processing methods promotion of education and training and (c) encouraging and assisting planners and designers in attending relevant workshops and conferences related the application of meteorological/climatological data in planning and designs.

Keywords: Climatologist, Designers, Nigeria

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