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Safety, Health and its Relation to Reliability with Emphasis on Root Cause Analysis (Published)

Accidents are negative events with threatening overtones. At the minimum, people involved in an accident or near loss may feel self-conscious and under scrutiny. Accidents also carry with them the probability of personnel injury, claims, loss of life’s, damage to products or equipments, installation, uninsured and insured costs and enforcement actions by statutory agencies. When incidents occur, it is important that the appropriate tool and techniques are applied to ensure a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the investigation process. This research work presents an overview of these techniques and their uses from a contrasting perspective. Tools such as root cause analysis, sequencing methods and methods for hypothesis formulation aid the investigator(s) in the investigation. These tools facilitate team working, identifying and communication of findings, management of complex investigations and the transparency of the investigation. They also add to the confidence of stake holders in an investigation and to its efficiency. The various techniques employed in incident investigation have their distinctive functions and limitations and thus they are applied to relevant situations. The root cause analysis techniques can improve the effectiveness of an investigation by ensuring a wide scope and depth of enquiry while sequencing tools allow the investigator(s) to create an externalised model of the events under inquiry and this helps as it directly probes the areas of uncertainty.

Citation: Imowo M. (2023) Safety, Health and its Relation to Reliability with Emphasis on Root Cause Analysis, International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering Research, Vol.6, No.1, pp.1-9

Keywords: Health, Relation, Reliability, Safety, root cause analysis

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