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Digitalization of Family Planning Services: A Reality or Fantasy?


This position paper examines the changing environment of digitalizing family planning services, investigating how established healthcare paradigms might be transformed via the incorporation of new technology. The increasing use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector has brought attention to the provision of family planning services, leading to an examination of the practicality and achievability of this technological advancement. The study explores several aspects of this discussion, such as the present condition of family planning services, technical advancements, obstacles to digitalization, user viewpoints, and policy deliberations. The story begins by analysing the wider digitalization patterns in healthcare, setting the stage for the convergence of technology and reproductive health. The study critically examines the significance of digital technologies in family planning, including both the potential advantages and difficulties they may provide.   It tackles the obstacles related to privacy, access, and cultural factors, in contrast to the optimistic potential of developing technology. The article showcases case studies and success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of digital family planning, offering significant insights for future implementation. The report finishes by endorsing a series of policy proposals designed to navigate the complex interaction between technology, ethics, and healthcare infrastructure. These proposals prioritise the need of explicit rules, purposeful investments in digital literacy and accessibility, and smooth integration into current healthcare systems. This study examines the digitization of family planning services, highlighting its role as both a technical innovation and a potential driver of social change. It emphasises the importance of individual empowerment and well-being in discussions about reproductive health.


Keywords: : digitalization, Family Planning, family planning services

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