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Knowledge and Availability of School Health Services Among Secondary School Students in Ibadan, Oyo State (Published)

This study investigates the knowledge and availability of school health services among secondary school students in Ibadan North-West Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Employing a descriptive cross-sectional research design, the study sampled 300 students from both private and public secondary schools, aged between 10-19 years. The objectives included assessing students’ knowledge of school health services, evaluating the available services, and exploring the association between school types and the understanding and availability of health services. The research reveals that the majority of participants, particularly in private schools, exhibit a higher level of awareness and utilisation of school health services compared to their public school counterparts. However, it highlights deficiencies in human and material resources necessary for the implementation of a comprehensive school health program in secondary schools within the Ibadan North-West Local Government Area. The study recommends that school management in the area should prioritize periodic health education to enhance students’ health knowledge and promote healthy behaviors. Additionally, it calls on the national government to invest not only in increasing the number of school health service professionals but also in providing adequate training to address the specific needs of secondary school students, particularly during their adolescent years.

Keywords: Availability, Knowledge, Students, school health services

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