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Factors That Impede or Enhance the Use of Simulations by Nurse Educators in Public and Private Institutions of Training in Cameroon (Published)

Simulations are a means by which the education and training of nurses and other health personnel are enhanced. Simulations precede any form of touching humans as learning apparatus for health care students undergoing education and training. Simulations have been found to provide a good learning opportunity to health care provision learning prior to exposing them to real humans (patients). With simulations, the learners gain some confidence before getting to touch a real patient. Simulations are therefore very important and necessary in the training of health care personnel. The aim/objective of this study was to identify enhancing and impeding factors to the use of simulations and assess constraints in its use among nurse educators in the study area. A cross-sectional descriptive study design was used  and data was collected using a structured questionnaire. A total of 89 nurse educators were sourced and took part in the study. The sourcing was by stratified sampling with regards to the school –whether private or public and by the category of the nurse educator. Data was analysed using Epi Data version 3.1, and SPSS version 21.0. Some leading factors influencing the use of simulation were: Recent changes in nursing education to becoming more practice oriented (90.7%; 95% CI: 83.6-95.7%), technological advancements (90.7%; 95% CI: 83.6-95.7%), inadequate training (82.6%; 95% CI: 74.2-89.9%) and cost (81.4%; 95% CI: 71.7-88.1%) of simulators. While some constraints noticed were: difficulties reproducing all aspect of care using simulators (79.1%; 95% CI: 69.2-86.2%), and difficulties constructing and maintaining the simulated scene due to lack of expertise (73.3%; 95% CI: 63.1-81.5%). It is hoped that these results assist health institutions eliminate some of the constraints and change habits that pose as impeding or hindering factors.

Keywords: Constraints, Factors Enhancing Or Impeding, Nursing Education, Simulations

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