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Mathematical Model of the Incidence of Cancer of Prostaticas in Mexico (Published)

One of the problems of public health in Mexico are the oncological diseases, being one of the main causes of death in the population, according to the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in the year 2015 prostate cancer has a high incidence in mortality from malignant tumors with a rate 16 and data published by the National Institute of Cancerology indicate a mortality rate of 13 deaths per 100,000 men. This paper is a study of transversal qualitative cut, documentary where a mathematical model is developed through the Optenidos data of various studies. Objecting to the results for models tested, linear, logarimico, inverse, quadratic, bouillon, polynomial of degree 4, composite, potential, S, growth, exponential and logistic in all cases the R2 is greater than 0.9, What would implicate that they could adjust to cuelquera of these, but without prescriptive this is not possible due to the natural processes in the disease, where there is a process of adactación, growth, estacionaría and decline, so that you choose in two models the cubido since this continues processes ciclicos in his behavior, getting the following equation and= -0.0024×3 14.731×2 – 29643X 2E7 with a R2 0.97

Keywords: Cancer of Prostate, Model Mathematical, Modeling Numerical

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