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Effect of A Nurse-Led Interactive Education On Perception of Disease Risk Among Nurses in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos (Published)

This research examines the influence of nurses’ perceptions of the risk associated with COVID-19 on public health outcomes, with a specific emphasis on LASUTH, a vital healthcare referral centre in Lagos, Nigeria. The study utilises a quasi-experimental pre-/post-test approach to evaluate the efficacy of nurse-led interactive education in influencing nurses’ perceptions of COVID-19 risk. The cohort included 527 nurses from LASUTH. The data was gathered by a validated questionnaire, whereas the intervention consisted of a nurse-led interactive training session. The statistical analyses, both descriptive and inferential, were performed using SPSS version 25. The results demonstrate changes in nurses’ views after the intervention. At first, 6.8% of individuals held negative impressions, which subsequently rose to 10.2%. The percentage of fair opinions declined from 27.1% to 20.3%, whilst the percentage of excellent perceptions saw a little rise from 66.1% to 69.5%. The average perception score reduced from 13.2±3.47 to 12.5±3.76, indicating a rise in awareness and changed attitudes after the intervention. The results indicate a reduction in the level of intense anxiety towards the virus, from 27.1% to 22%. There is also an increased level of worry over mortality, as well as a greater recognition of the need of preventative actions. The intervention significantly altered the nurses’ sense of danger. The results also verified a substantial disparity (p < 0.05) in the perceptions before and after the intervention, so providing evidence to reject the null hypothesis. This research highlights the efficacy of treatments led by nurses in altering perceptions of COVID-19 risks, offering valuable information for public health initiatives and interventions.

Keywords: Nurses, Perception, disease risk, nurse-led interactive education

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