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Practices and Challenges of Pain Management During First Stage of Labour Among Midwives in University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital Complex, Akure (Published)

Most women perceive labour pain and childbirth as the most severe and agonizing event in a woman’s life. Midwives play critical role in supporting women through the painful birthing process, to the desired favourable outcomes for mother and baby. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the practices and challenges of pain management during the initial stage of labour among midwives at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital Complex in Akure. From July to October 2021, a facility-based descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted with 72 midwives employed at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital Complex in Akure. The first stage of labour pain management practices and challenges were evaluated among the study participants using a questionnaire. SPSS (version 23.0) was used in processing the data. In the first stage of labour, environmental pain management approach was shown to be the most used (95.4%), followed by psychospiritual pain management approach (91%); while the least employed was the pharmacological approach (63.4%). Effectiveness of the approaches were perceived to be in the following order: psychospiritual, environmental, physical, pharmacological and social.  Lack of resources (84.7%) and understaffing (33.3%) were cited as part of the challenges associated with pain management. It is important for the government to provide adequate staff, equipment and conducive birthing environments; while the midwives continually educate patients on available non-pharmacological and pharmacological labour pain management approaches during their prenatal care visits, to enhance their self-efficacy and cooperation in labour.

Keywords: Challenges, Midwives, Practices, first stage of labor, pain management

Challenges with Electronic Documentation Among Nurses in Public Hospitals in Lagos Island (Published)

This study determined the challenges with electronic documentation among nurses in public hospitals in Lagos Island. The study specifically assessed the nurses’ reported experience with Electronic Documentation and determined challenges accompanying the implementation of Electronic Documentation. A descriptive survey was adopted for this study. Study population was total of 381 nurses from across the three hospitals that are actively involved in the implementation of EHR in their clinical practice during the period of data collection. Cochran formula was adopted to get the final sample size of 222. A self-designed questionnaire was used for data collection. Reliability of the instrument was done using test re-test method. Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to compute the reliability coefficient which yielded values of 0.801 and 0.749 for section B and C respectively. Descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentages were used to analysed the collected data. This result reveals that more than half (57.3%) of the study population rated the quality of experience had with electronic documentation as mainly positive while 36.3% expressed positive quality of experience. In addition, half (50%) of the respondents claimed to have faced minimal challenges with electronic documentation, closely followed by 36.8% of them who had experienced moderate challenges. This study identified various barriers to electronic documentation such as type of users’ experience, need for training of nurses, need of user-friendly interface, funding, communication, and feedback among others. It was recommended among others that hospital management should create viable feedbacks channels for better understanding of challenges with the implementation of EHR to facilitate prompt interventions.

Citation: Ogbeide, O. T., Nwaomah, E.E., Nwabudike, E., and  Akingbade, O.  Challenges with Electronic Documentation Among Nurses in Public Hospitals in Lagos Island, International Journal of Nursing, Midwife and Health Related Cases, Vol.8, No.3, pp.45-57


Keywords: Challenges, Nurses, electronic documentation

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