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anemic effect in the Nursing Profession

Dichotomy in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Nursing) and Diploma in Nursing and its anemic effect on the Nursing profession in Nigeria (Published)

The Nigerian nursing profession for long has suffered from a dichotomies relationship between the holder of and Diploma in nursing. This unhealthy relationship is inherent in the system and a product of menaces such as faulty definition of boundary line separation, poor job differentiation, and administrative lapses, imbalance in harmonizing a formidable relationship between knowledge and experience. The study attempted to examine the dichotomies relationship among the diverse class and its anemic effects on the profession in Nigeria. The secondary data of the study were generated from an array of both published and unpublished materials such as textbooks, journal papers, newspapers, magazines, handbook of the organization, and internet materials among others. Interview was the major instrument used to elicit data for the study. It was discovered that administrative lapses, faulty line separation among class in the profession and the non-unified curriculum has contributed to the dichotomies relationship among the diverse class in the profession. Recommendations such as need for clear boundary separation among the diverse class divide in the profession, need for a unified and defined curriculum, balancing of a health relationship between qualification (Knowledge) and experience, Job differentiations and a lot of others.

Keywords: and Diploma Dichotomies relationship, administrative lapses and experience versus qualification, anemic effect in the Nursing Profession

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