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Effects of Group Communication Cohesion of Staff and Cluster Analysis in a Multi Campus University (Published)

To improve on group cohesion in organisations, effective communication should help contribute to the overall job performance and the goals set. This study therefore examined the effects of group communication cohesion of staff and cluster analysis applications in attempt to impact on staff pattern of behaviour at work. A survey design was adopted in a population of 1,739 with a sample size of 304 respondents compised of management members, senior members, senior staff and junior staff from all the four campuses of the University. The analysis of the survey instrument reliability resulted in a Cronbach Alpha value of 0.83. The two-step cluster analysis was used to also analyse group communication cohesion among respondents and to identify the natural group; which revealed four groups of employee cohesion patterns. Clusters I and II showed high cohesion while clusters III and IV showed low cohesion. This shows that employee rank influences the grouping patterns and membership of a cluster (group) and was also influenced by the campus of the employee, as revealed from the chi-square analysis.  Further analysis identified tactical group, operational group, strategic group and contingency group which represent four employee cohesion patterns, to match the status of staff in the university. To enhance group communication cohesion, it is recommended that the University authority should promote the use of information flow, feedback, good working relationships between superiors and subordinates; and the use of circulars, letters, notices, newsletters, should be greatly enhanced. The results again pointed out the influence of ethno-linguistic use at work place, salary discrimination, lack of capacity and little cooperation of management. The use of durbars and other social events periodically to bring staff together, create awareness and foster stronger cooperation should be promoted were recommended. The study result could guide policy formulation and contribute to knowledge in development communication in the University

Keywords: Cluster analysis, Group Communication Cohesion, Multi Campus University, University Staff

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