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Roles of Communication in Community Development (Published)

The focus of the paper is on the roles of communication in community development. The paper highlighted the roles of communication in community development to include conscientation of members of participating communities,  provision of relevant information, provision of opportunities for dialogue and discussion and provision of opportunities for sharing of information  and ideas that will facilitate effective service delivery in community development. Based on the issues discussed, the paper recommended the followings: (1) Communication should  be explored appropriately to reach various segments of the participating communities in community development (2) Dialogue and discussion in communication with relevant stake holders should be explored extensively in promoting meaningful community development. (3) There should be regular communication with community leadership in the participating communities. (4) There should equally be regular communication with the various segments and community based organizations (CBOs)  to elicit collective action and participatory involvement of members of the participating communities in promoting sustainable people-oriented community development projects.

Keywords: Community and Development, Roles, communication

The Complexities Of New Media: Can The ‘Web Media’ Completely Erase Traditional Media From The Communication Industry (Published)

Over the years, there has been a popular outcry among investors and operators in the communication industry that the advent of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) will affect the survival and mode of operation of the traditional media, especially newspapers and magazines. Although it is not in doubt that these technologies pose serious challenges to the survival of mainstream media. This has generated controversies as to whether the ‘web media’ will completely erase or overshadow the conventional media. This and other issues surrounding the convergence of new and mainstream media, is the thrust of this paper.  

Keywords: E-Media, E-News, Media, Newspaper, Web Media, communication


Corporate assistance is expected to generate social harmony within communities. It becomes worrisome where discord is created in community relations, arising from an appraisal of such gestures. The Addax Petroleum experience in Ugbelle community in Imo State, Nigeria, provided a field-study experience on the communication appraisal of corporate assistance consequence in community relations. The interview method was used to obtain data from 12 interviewees, selected purposively from the parties involved in the communal crisis. Obtained data from the used opinionnaire were analysed, with the Likert scale to ascertain perceptions about corporate assistance. It was found that corporate assistance which fails to satisfy felt-need results in crisis in community relations. The system model technique in communication appraisal was also used in discussing the findings. The study recommends that frequent and regular community scanning is required to make corporate assistance match felt-need expectations, for social harmony to thrive in communities, globally.

Keywords: Appraisal, communication, consequence, corporate assistance

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