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Cultural Variable and Functional Probability Learning: An Ethnomathematics Perspectives (Published)

The crux of this study investigated “cultural variable and functional probability learning: An Ethnomathematics perspectives”. Nsa Isong game was used as major independent variable and functional probability learning as dependent variable. Two (2) purpose of the study was used to generate two (2) research questions and two (2) null hypotheses were formulated for the study. The Quasi-experimental design of pretest and posttest was adopted for the study with a proportionate stratified sampling technique used to obtain a sample size of 320 students from a population of 3,610 students. Probability Achievement Test (PAT) was the instrument used for data collection with a reliability coefficient of 0.87 using split half reliability test. Data collected from the study were subjected to analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) for analysis. The results indicated that; there is significant effect of Nsa Isong game on students’ functional probability learning, there is significant effect of Nsa Isong game and gender on students’ functional probability learning. Based on this result obtained it was recommended amongst others that workshops and seminars should be organize for teachers at primary and secondary level of education on how to use the Nsa Isong game in the teaching and learning of probability.


Keywords: Nsa Isong, cultural variable, ethnomathematics, functional probability

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