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Local Content Utilization Through Material Processing Practices for Industrial and Machine Tools Processes Application


The research titled local contents utilization through material processing practices for industrial and machine tools processes application considered locally available plants whose oil rich seeds were mobilized, primed and processed to extract the oils from the seeds. The plants sampled for the research are Shea Butter Tree from which Shea Butter Oils (SBO) was obtained, Cashew Plant from which Cashew Nut Oil (CNO) was obtained and Monkey Bread Plant from which Monkey Bread Seed Oil (MBSO) was obtained. The oils so extracted were used as base oils to formulate cutting fluids and were used in turning of AISI 1027 steel. To do that, the oils were first mixed with water in an appropriate ratio separately. The oil – water mixtures were finally blended with the necessary cutting fluids additives to obtain cutting fluids; Shea Butter Oil Cutting Fluid (SBOCF) Cashew Nut Oil Cutting Fluid (CNOCF and Monkey Bread Seed Oil Cutting Fluid (MBSOCF). Their performances (corrosion and heat dissipation tendencies) and other characteristics were evaluated and compared with that of a mineral oil based cutting fluid (control sample). Prior to machining, the acidities viscosities and flash points of the cutting fluids were measured.  The metallic work piece was machined with the prescribed machining parameters. During machining, the tool – work interface temperatures were recorded using digital thermocouple. The performances in terms of heat removal from the tool – work interface was best achieved by SBOCF being local plants oil cutting fluid attaining a temperature of 36oC at the highest Spindle speed (N) of 1050rpm and also the same SBOCF proved to be the safest from fire hazard with the highest flash point of 260oC. They (local plants based oils) have the least tendencies to corrode metallic surfaces having the acidic values of 1.47g/dm3, 2.50g/dm3 and 2.45g/dm3 as against that of the control sample standing at 3.99g/dm3. MBSOCF has the best viscosity at 40oC and 80oC being 98.88cp and 35.83cp. From the foregoing, it can be concluded that local plant seed oils can be used in the production of cutting fluids for machining operations. Local plant oils cutting fluids can then conveniently substitute the conventional (mineral oil based) cutting fluids for all machining operations under various operating conditions. It is recommended that more efforts should be put into researches in the use of plant (bio) oils as cutting fluids since they have been proved to have good prospects.

Keywords: Corrosion, cutting fluids, heat, local contents, machine tools processes, material processing and turning.

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