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Exploring the Role of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery in Academic Libraries (Published)

This article explores the role of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in enhancing information retrieval and knowledge discovery in libraries by analyzing the significant advantages GAI offers. Its aim is on expanding the understanding of the potentials of GAI and how it reshapes information retrieval, accessibility and Knowledge discovery in academic libraries in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The research adopted a mixed-method approach; Systematic review and longitudinal approaches as its methodologies. It posited the role of GAI in enhancing information retrieval and knowledge discovery in academic libraries in aspects like collection development and management, cataloging and classification, Indexing, library data analysis and unique search engines. The paper also identified some challenges limiting the usage GAI in academic libraries like GAI’s potential for inaccuracies, staff training and development, rigid educational structures and human relations and emotive connections. By way of conclusion and recommendation, the researchers suggested that academic libraries should intensify investments in training and re-training of staff because professional technological development for staff will ensure effective management and use of AI technologies.

Keywords: generative artificial intelligence, information retrieval, knowledge discovery and academic libraries.

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