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Collaboration in Nigerian University Libraries: A Diagnosis (Published)

This paper sought to show the potential of collaboration of university libraries in ameliorating the common problems and challenges facing the Nigerian Academic Library System on the basis of the current status of collaboration in Nigerian university libraries. The paper addressed the following questions: what is the status of collaboration of Nigerian University libraries? How can University Libraries achieve meaningful collaboration? And what possible benefits can University libraries in Nigeria attain from effective collaboration? The paper clarified three forms of collaboration within the University Library system to address the indiscriminate use of the term ‘Librarian collaboration’ to pass for library collaboration.  Based on literature reviewed, the current level of collaboration in Nigerian University Libraries is below expectation and is to a great extent responsible for poor quality teaching, learning and research bedeviling the Nigerian tertiary education system. University Library leadership and the Committee of University librarian in Nigerian Universities (CULNU) were identified as prime movers whose efforts could improve the level of collaboration in Nigerian University Libraries. The paper revealed that possible areas for collaboration include: resource sharing, inter-library loan, cooperative acquisition, cooperative cataloguing, cooperative referencing, staff development, library exchange and librarian and library user networks. The paper further noted that the key benefits of collaboration are significant reduction in operational costs, increased human cooperation and exposure of Librarians to global library practices. The paper identified factors that pose as either a threat or a challenge to the implementation of effective collaboration in Nigerian university libraries. They include: Inadequate funding, leadership issues, lack of structured library development policies, proliferation of informal collaboration, high competition in library profession and resistance to change. The paper therefore recommended that committee of University Librarian in Nigerian Universities and the Nigerian Library Association should make and implement a policy for all University Library Leadership to develop and implement documented and structured develop plans and policies p to provide strategic direction for University libraries.

Keywords: Collaboration, Libraries, Universities, consortium, librarian

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