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Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Service Delivery to Academic Library by Librarians in Nigeria (Published)

This research looks at how librarians in Nigeria use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide services to academic libraries. This study addressed a problem that many librarians face in Nigeria, such as technical knowledge of AI, funding to purchase technology, and lack of government backing for libraries, among other things. The concept of Artificial Intelligence services delivery to academic library users and librarians in Nigerians, as a result of their application to the library’s reference unit, readers’ service unit, cataloguing and classification unit, and serial control unit, through some of its branches such as expert systems, opportunities for libraries, natural language processing, neural networks, and robotics. Some academic institutions have already accepted the use of artificial intelligence to handle some daily library routines, according to the report. The study goes on to discuss some of the obstacles that its application to university libraries faces, as well as possible solutions.

Keywords: Academic Libraries, Artificial Intelligence, Challenges, and librarians, robotics, services

Challenges in the Selection and Acquisition of Grey Literature in Nigerian Libraries (Published)

This study investigated the challenges in the selection and acquisition of grey literature in Nigerian Libraries. Survey research design was adopted for this study. The population of the study consist of 17 staff working in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Library, Igbariam Campus. There was no sampling because the population of the study was small and manageable. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire. Mean and frequency tables were used to analyse the research questions. The major findings of the study included that all categories of grey literature resources are available in the library studied, grey literature is acquired through purchase, donation and exchange, cataloguing and classification is a means of processing grey literature resources, and the most challenge libraries face in acquiring grey literature is lack of fund. Based on the findings, it was recommended that government should make provision for adequate funds for acquisition of grey literature in University libraries, the library management should embark on regular review and supply of new and more grey materials, library management should employ subject specialists that can assist in the selection acquisition of grey materials, and the library management should create proper awareness to both teachers and students on the role of grey literature.

Citation: Nwankwo, N.G., Anike, A. N., Ibeh, O. B. (2022) Challenges in the Selection and Acquisition of Grey Literature in Nigerian Libraries, International Journal of Library and Information Science Studies, Vol.8, No.4, pp.14-23


Keywords: Acquisition, Challenges, Grey literature, Nigerian libraries, Selection

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