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Pandemics and Beyond Legal Implications for Combatting Alternative Forms of Terrorism and Bioterrorism


Preventing terrorism and bioterrorism is a top priority nowadays, both globally and locally. This article examines the phenomenon of terrorism and bioterrorism within a legal and ethical reflection within the framework of law and national security. This paper aims to present a comparative analysis of the threat of terrorism and bioterrorism in Albania as a country in the European Union’s neighboring process. The comparative method will examine the juridical framework and criminal sanctions in Albania compared to international law. The study examines terrorism and bioterrorism, including their prosecution, legal measures, and major issues on a global, regional, and national level. The results of the comparative study will be discussed in the form of a legal analysis. By studying the phenomenon, behaviors, worldwide regulation, practices, and judicial predictions, I have come to a few conclusions concerning the suitability of our regulation with the supranational one, specifically with that of the European Union to enhance country-wide protection and improvements in the Rule of Law.

Keywords: Provisions, Rule Of Law, Terrorism, bioterrorism, legal measures

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