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An Assessment of the Broadcast Media Campaign against Drugs Abuse in Nigeria


The use of drugs to cure and heal the body system has been of irreplaceable value to humanity. In other words, it is practically impossible, if not impossible, to dispose of drugs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drug means any substance or product that is used or intended to be used to modify the physiological system or pathological state for the benefit of the recipient or user. Different scholarly studies have shown that drugs are useful to boost the immune and metabolic systems of a living being. However, the misuse and abuse of drugs have been problematic issues for the wellbeing of society. As a matter of fact, the abuse of drugs has been on the rise among youths in Nigeria. On a daily basis, many youths in Nigeria consume and abuse different drugs and substances such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, codeine, amphetamines, narcotics, and the like that produce high dependence. This undoubtedly exposed many Nigerian youths to different harmful health conditions, such as deterioration and weak physical appearance, and irresponsible attitudes like stealing and fighting, among others. Hence, the aim of this paper is to critically examine the use and impacts of drug abuse or addiction among youths in Nigeria and the effectiveness of broadcast media campaigns against drug abuse in Nigeria. The paper will employ different research methods, such as conceptual analysis, to delineate the meaning of major concepts like drugs, drug abuse, and media; the method of critical assessment will also be used to critically evaluate and assess the impacts of media in the campaign against drug abuse among youths in Nigeria. The paper concludes with an affirmation that the intake of illegal drugs among youths in Nigeria is alarming and, as such, dangerous and harmful to their health. Hence, the paper recommends that the government and Non-government organizations should engage more in media campaigns against drug abuse and also be firm and unbiased in enforcing the laws against lawbreakers, especially youths engaging in the consumption of illegal drugs.

Keywords: Drug Abuse, Drugs, Nigeria, WHO, Youths, broadcast media

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