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Tourism Communication in Development Sipirok City, South Tapanuli Regency (Published)

This study aims to analyze tourism communication in the development of the city of Sipirok. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with a library research approach through reading sources related to the title of this research. The findings of this study indicate that Sipirok has great natural potential that can support city development, both nature tourism, and city tourism. The readiness of the local community to receive tourist arrivals is still lacking and needs guidance from the government so that tourism communication becomes an alternative that must be implemented. Based on the description of the tourism potential of Sipirok, the tourism sector is an environmentally friendly industry, which can increase people’s pride in their own identity (culture). To increase the potential for a more professional Sipirok tourist destination, it still requires a creative touch from the South Tapanuli Regional Government, tourism promotion, the presence of investors, and the readiness of the community to accept tourists arrivals, especially residents who live in tourist sites. One approach in implementing tourism communication is to communicate the potential and the tourism industry through the advantages and uniqueness of local products. So that it becomes a regional tourist attraction. In addition, tourism communication carried out in Sipirok is by creating a program called marsipature forestabe (repairing their respective areas) which is able to encourage the spirit and spirituality of the community to always participate in development in Sipirok, especially in developing the tourism sector by synergizing with the government. Tourism communication efforts carried out by the government in tourism development through economic, social, cultural empowerment and also through the environmental field. On the other hand, the steps taken by the local government are to always coordinate and supervise the implementation of tourism promotion so that there is no misinformation about tourism.

Keywords: potential, sipirok, tourist destinations

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