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Assessments of Citizen’s Awareness of Campaigns on covid-19 vaccine and Response to Covid-19 Vaccination in Akwa Ibom State (Published)

The study was an assessment of citizens’ awareness of campaigns and responses to covid-19 vaccine in Akwa Ibom state. The research objectives that guided this study were to find out the level of COVID-19 vaccine campaign awareness by residents of the Uyo metropolis, to ascertain the level of response to the COVID-19 vaccine among residents of the Uyo Metropolis, to find out factors responsible for the continuous hesitancy among those who are yet to receive COVID-19 vaccine among Uyo Residents. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey-based research method. The population size for this study constituted Uyo residents and the current population of Uyo stood at 1,329,000, of which the sample size of three hundred and eighty-four (384) was determined using the Krejci and Morgan sample size determinant table, and the purposive sampling technique was used to select participants who participated in the survey. Three hundred and thirty-four (384) copies of the questionnaire were used for data collection. The health belief model and theory of planned behaviour formed the theoretical framework for the study. Findings from the study showed that the majority of Uyo residents were highly aware of the awareness campaign on covid-19 vaccine (212 respondents representing (61%)), the study also showed high level of responses to covid-19 vaccination in the Uyo metropolis, (233) representing (39%)) of the respondents, the study also revealed factors responsible for continuous hesitancy among those who have not been vaccinated to include: fear of adverse effect following immunization, no proper vaccine protocol awareness, no proper sensitization, and no reason, etc. Following the findings, the study recommended that the government of Akwa Ibom State should through relevant agencies and the mass media, intensify the campaign with a particular focus on how and where to get the first and follow-doses of the vaccine in the state, the government should also open more vaccination centers to reduce waiting time and ease of access, all campaign contents should reinforce the safety of the Vaccine irrespective of the brand.

Keywords: COVID 19 Vaccine, Mass Media, health campaigns, media awareness

Assessing the Role of Mass Media in Reducing the Menace of Insecurity in North-East Nigeria (Published)

Terrorism refers an unlawful violence or any other unlawful harmful act committed against civilians by groups or persons for political or other ideological goals, a premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience. Since the emergence of Boko Haram terrorist group in the North-East Nigeria in 2002, human lives had been lost to their attacks in thousands. The killings have continued unabated until recently that they are being gradually overcome. Employing agenda setting theory, this study aimed at assessing the roles of mass media in reducing the menace of insecurity in North-East Nigeria. The study found among others that mass media can help to reduce the insecurity menace by articulation and pursuit of the national interests, conveying information to the people and security agencies, speaking out against societal ills and vices, providing informed criticism and viable alternatives to public policies on security matters and monitoring the performance of government security agencies and other concerned agencies. The study made additional recommendations on the roles that mass media can play in tackling insecurity in the region.

Citation :  Bappayo A.  (2023) Assessing the Role of Mass Media in Reducing the Menace of Insecurity in North-East Nigeria, International Journal of International Relations, Media and Mass Communication Studies, Vol.9, No.2, pp.1-12

Keywords: Mass Media, assessing, menace and insecurity

Mass Media and the Politics of Underdevelopment in Africa: Nigeria in Perspective (Published)

Mass media have been an indispensable fulcrum of development, especially in the West from where they were imported to Africa. However, realities in Africa continent have failed and weakened mass media potential as development resource, as vast population of Africans live in the rural areas without access to mass media offerings. Besides, those areas have poverty of electricity, good roads and other facilities, making the mass media dread to tread the terrains. Illiteracy, diseases and poverty define the rural areas of Africa, and a man needs a measure of education to understand the media messages. This has put the government and development agents at sixes and sevens with regard to

Keywords: Africa, Mass Media, Under-Development

The Nigerian Media and the Institution of a Cultureless Society (Published)

Culture is one of the central forces that help to situate a person or thing within a given milieu. Indeed, culture can be seen as personality designator because it identifies a person and situates him/her on the basis of certain traits he/she exhibits. On the other hand, it is also evidence of education, taste, finesse, and of civilization. A cultured person or people belong to a category of those who stand out as unique in virtually everything. ‘Cultureless-ness’, on its part is a term employed to denote the trend whereby a person or people lack culture, making it impossible to identify or situate him/her or them by what he/she does or they do. It is a celebration of abnormality and the opposite of culture as stated above. The media, on their part, are not only culture symbolized, they are also purveyors of culture. This paper examines the role the Nigerian media have played or failed to play in creating and foisting a cultureless society on the Nigerian people. This will be done through the literary/artistic research methodology. It will draw its conclusion on the basis of data analyzed and make recommendations where necessary.

Keywords: Culture, Mass Media, Society

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