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Cooperative Learning Method and Junior Secondary Students’ Attitude towards Socially Acceptable Behaviours in Rivers State, Nigeria


This exploration was a quasi-experimental study which was aimed to investigate the effect of Cooperative Learning Method (CLM)  on the Junior Secondary School (JSS) Students’ Attitude towards Socially Acceptable Behaviours in Port Harcourt Local Government Area(LGA) of Rivers State, Nigeria. A sample of 240 JSS II students constituted the sample of this study. A validated 10-item instrument titled Students’ Attitudes Towards Socially Acceptable Behaviour Scale (SATSABS) was used for data collection. The reliability of SATSABS was found to be r = 0.76. One research question and one hypothesis guided the study. The experimental group was taught using the cooperative learning method whereas the control group was taught using the lecture method. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research question whereas analysis of covariance was used to test the hypothesis at .05 alpha level. The findings showed that students who were taught using cooperative learning method improved in learning more than their counterparts who were taught using lecture method. Furthermore, there was a significant difference in attitude towards socially acceptable behaviours between students taught with CLM and those taught with Lecture Method in favour of CLM. It was recommended among others that teachers should endeavour to adopt CLM in their teaching of students in the junior secondary schools as this has been proven to improve their attitude towards socially acceptable behaviours.

Keywords: Cooperative learning method, attitude, junior secondary students’, socially acceptable behaviours

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