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Understanding Trends in Health Communication and Appropriate Design for Outstanding Research Outcome in Nigeria (Published)

This study evaluated the frequency of health communication issues published in Journal of Communication and Media Research (JCMR) as a percentage of the total publications, the dominant themes on health communication in the JCMR and the dominant research designs used in the studies on health communication in the JCMR. A qualitative research design was employed in this study with survey of literature in the JCMR. The study found that the average coverage of health communication by health communication scholars in JCMR. was the predominant thematic area of health communication covered by JCMR. It established that the theme of assessment and evaluation of health interventions and campaigns and the theme of Doctor-Patient Communication is the lowest area of attention. This can be justified by the fact that it is relatively a new area of health communication research in Nigeria. It was discovered that majority of researchers did not specify the research design employed in the various articles in JCMR while case study research was the dominant design that scholars used in JCMR.

Keywords: Evaluation, Frequency, Research design, health communication, publication, validity

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