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Health Information Literacy: Optimizing the willingness to participate in the Practice of Health Insurance in Nigeria (Published)

Recently, Nigeria has become increasingly cognizant of the need to orientate their citizens on quality and affordable health care through pre-payment schemes. Health Insurance (HI) is one factor driving the movement to develop and disseminate a better Health Information Literacy (HIL) that will be easily accepted by the people (literate or illiterate) of Nigeria. To outline some new approaches to HIL instruction through the use of information professionals to improve on the existing norm. Archival study analysis, with results from a segment of the-mixed method study data of a Baseline Survey (BS) report of 2021 and other related literatures. The BS report showed that there is inadequate knowledge and access to information on Health Insurance. Also, it outlined the immediate challenges of HI as perceived by the respondents. The paper offers new techniques for HIL through the official integration of information professionals as part of the process in educating people on HI.

Keywords: Health Insurance, Information literacy, health information literacy (HIL), information professionals

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