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Challenges Faced By Mathematics Education Student-Teachers during Macro-Teaching Practice (Published)

It sounds contradictory when students who are being trained to teach go to the field and end up performing quite below standard despite all efforts put in place by the university to produce effective and productive teachers. The issue been raised is, what then becomes the fate of the students they are teaching in terms of performance? It is in this view that the current research was conducted to examine the challenges faced by mathematics education students during macro-teaching. To achieve the objective of the study, a descriptive survey design was employed for the study. A sample size of 35 final year students offering Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) programme were selected using the simple random sampling technique. Questionnaires were used as the main instruments for data collection during the research process. Results from the study indicated that student-teachers encounter environmental, instructional and supervisory challenges. Environment challenges faced by these students include inadequate teaching and learning mathematics and difficulty in transport to the schools. Other challenges encountered, conclusions, recommendations as well as the implications of the findings are discussed in the work.

Keywords: : Teaching practice, Challenges, Mathematics Education, Student Teachers, Supervision, basic schools, macro-teaching, off-campus


This paper is a follow-up to an earlier one in which the challenges of the natural environment of Nigerian nation are highlighted. In this paper, the major themes around which researches can be built, are highlighted. These themes are built on some of the challenges of the natural environment. They include the climate of Nigeria and the climate change phenomenon, the lands and soils of Nigeria, Nigerian vegetation and plant biodiversity, Nigerian wildlife and animal biodiversity, environmental degradation and degradation of valuable lands and soils of Nigeria. Others include wastes and their disposal in Nigeria, natural enemies of plants and animals in Nigeria, environmental pollution in the country, environmental sanitation and hygiene in Nigeria, management of the natural environment, and natural disasters in Nigeria. A number of others on which researches can be built are also listed to include human resources development in issues of the natural environment, environmental laws in Nigeria and their enforcement and environmental education in Nigeria. For each of these themes for the focus of researches on the natural environment of Nigeria, the justification for it is itemized, so also is a list of possible diverse researchers in it compiled. Researchers are expected to build their research topics around these themes, with a view to contributing their quota in salvaging the natural environment of Nigeria and place it on an appropriate pedestal for sustainable development

Keywords: Challenges, Natural Environment, Nigeria, Researches, Sustainable Development

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