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Exploring the Nexus between Peace-building Techniques and National Development in Contemporary Africa (Published)

The difficulty of peace-building and development remains a burning issue in the African continent. There have been several attempts to bring about peace in the continent that did not produce the expected results. Enormous resources have been used to facilitate/promote peace accords, which frequently collapsed under the weight of conflicting interests. It is vital to investigate whether there are any more peace-building techniques that may be used to supplement current initiatives to promote peace in the continent. This paper explores indigenous African methods and contemporary measures for fostering social cohesion/inclusion and peace-building. The research employs the thematic interpretative and historical analysis in the data collection process. The study is anchored on conflict resolution theory. The paper starts by examining the justification for why establishing peace is critical. The next section of the paper examines how indigenous and contemporary methods are helping in the promotion of peace in Africa. It also looks at how these methods highlight the significance of encouraging social inclusion. Last but not the least, is the question of how to create Pan-African unity.

Keywords: Africa, Conflict, National Development, Peace – Building, Social Inclusion

Appraising Constitutionalism and Good Governance in Africa (Published)

This work interrogates constitutionalism and good governance in Africa. Constitutionalism is a form of political thought and action that seeks to prevent tyranny and guarantees the liberty and rights of individuals within the state. It is also an essential tool to achieve public accountability, the end of which is good governance. While good governance entails efficient and effective use of power and resources. In this paper, the researcher studies the governance in Africa with the hope of finding out whether the system feet in with what is call good governance as it is been champion all over the world. In the course of this research we discovered that a lot of hindrances are on the African way to the realization of good governance, colonialist and African leaders bear the blame. The work concluded that; since colonialist are at the fore front of propagation for good governance, it is very important for them to correct the wrong of the past and where they are still serving as hindrances; they should endeavour to make an amendment for the good of mankind. And at the same time the Africa leaders should be ready to learn from the past and make necessary amendment so that Africa can move forward.

Keywords: Accountability, Africa, Constitutionalism, Governance, Propagation, Tyranny.

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