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This imperative research analyzes the America’s foreign policy towards anti-terrorism and its negative implications on Pakistan. During the last months of 1980s, Russian forces started their encroachment of Afghanistan; America’s administration has already known the hidden interests of Soviet Union- i.e. control of Persian Gulf oil and warm water- so that U.S has decided to backing the Afghan rebellion movements and providing the billions of dollars and every kind of arms. Under the American aiding, these movements become the dangerous for word’s peace and eventually attacked on World Trade Centre (WTC). After the biggest tragedy of WTC, combating of anti-terrorism was the major objective of the American administration. As the retaliation of terrorism, the U.S declared the ‘War on Terror’. A broad-based America’s foreign policy for anti-terrorism has to be assumed in every part of life and even national and international level. Eventually, America’s these policies towards anti-terrorism showed the various negative consequences on Pakistan, which not only destabilized the government and creates the lot of troubles but also destroyed the billion dollar’s property of Pakistan. This study has been distributed in three parts. First part of study will discussed about the America’s backing policy towards rebellion movements and rising of Talibans. Second part of study will be focus on U.S anti-terrorism policy and particularly focus will be on America anti-terrorism policy towards Afghanistan-Pakistan and using of international forces against terrorists. Anti-terrorism policies negative consequences on Pakistan will be discussed in the third part of the study.

Keywords: Anti-terrorism Policy, Destabilizing of Pakistan, Drone Strikes, Taliban, U.S Policy

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