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The Effect of Climate Change on Human Health in Damaturu (Published)

The frequency and intensity of rainfall and temperature health related incidences are expanding from micro-scale to global scale with intensive direct and indirect impacts. This study assessed the effect of temperature and rainfall variability on human health in Damaturu, Yobe State from 2009 to 2018, which was achieved by determining the annual trends of temperature and rainfall occurrence in relation to diseases incidence in the study area.  Multi-stage stratified systematic random sampling technique was adopted. Based on the National water rehabilitation house numbering in Damaturu, the study area was stratified into three strata where two communities from each of strata were selected using systematic random sampling. Data was collected using questionnaire, meteorological records of temperature and rainfall occurrences and hospital records of diseases incidences. The findings of the research established that rainfall and temperature variability are significantly associated with the prevalence of seasonal diseases incidences in Damaturu. Malaria incidences have high correlation with rainfall and temperature variability at significant level of 0.033 whereas measles and diarrhoea indicate a positive correlation. These indicated that about 38%, 14% and 8% of variances in malaria, diarrhoea and measles incidences respectively are associated with temperature and rainfall fluctuation in Damaturu.  The combination of higher temperatures, prolonged dry season and floods coupled with scarce water resources and poor sanitation made traditional and newly established settlements more vulnerable to outbreaks of diarrhoeal and malaria incidences in Damaturu town. The study recommended that meteorological agencies in collaboration with health agencies should develop a proactive solution that will provide a timely and accurate forecasting and projection of vulnerability of the population in Damaturu to climate sensitive diseases and infection.

Keywords: Rainfall, Temperature, disease incidence, variability

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