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The Role of Transportation Infrastructure in Promoting Economic Development in Lafia (Published)

This study explores the relationship between transportation infrastructure and economic development in Lafia, Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of addressing the existing infrastructure challenges to promote sustainable growth. The research combines quantitative and qualitative methods to comprehensively assess the current state of transportation infrastructure and its impact on the city’s economy. Findings reveal a relatively young population with significant unemployment and limited educational attainment. While the road network is perceived as “Fair,” there is room for maintenance and expansion. Public transportation availability is universal, but a reliance on motorbikes and tricycles underscores the need for diversified options and improved services. Despite overall satisfaction with public transportation, there is a call for enhancements. Respondents strongly believe that transportation infrastructure positively influences economic activities, leading to socio-economic benefits such as job creation and better access to education and healthcare. Recommendations include infrastructure improvements, policy suggestions for public-private partnerships, community engagement, sustainability initiatives, and a focus on gender-sensitive policies. By implementing these recommendations, Lafia can work towards inclusive economic development, improved infrastructure, and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

Keywords: Economic Development, Lafia, Nigeria, public private partnerships, sustainable growth, transportation infrastructure

Covid-19 Second Wave (Delta Variant): Awareness, Perceptions and Impacts on Socio-Economic Milieus of Selected Residents of Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria (Published)

The study examines the awareness, perceptions and impacts of COVID-19 second wave on the socioeconomic milieus of residents of Lafia. Qualitative method was adopted to collect data from purposefully selected New Garage Motor Park and the Ultra-Modern Market in Lafia metropolis. Focus group discussions (FGDs) of eight (8) and seven (7) randomly selected participants were conducted in New Garage Motor Park and the Ultra-Modern Market, respectively while In-depth interview (IDI) was carried out with the official of the State Ministry of Health. The study revealed that though, the residents of Lafia were aware of the COVID-19 second wave, yet they perceived it as a ruse, which has no impact on their socioeconomic milieus; hence, no need of them being vaccinated. It was therefore suggested that government should rebuild trust in the populace by disseminating adequate and timely information against COVID-19 second wave as well as facilitating their socioeconomic wellbeing.

Citation: L. E. O. Abejide and Fatima Sidi Sani (2021) Covid-19 Second Wave (Delta Variant): Awareness, Perceptions and Impacts on Socio-Economic Milieus of Selected Residents of Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria, International Journal of Geography and Regional Planning Research, Vol.6, No.2, p


Keywords: COVID-19 second wave, Impacts, Lafia, Perceptions, awareness, socioeconomic milieus

The Nature of Peri-Urban Development in Lafia, Nasarawa State (Published)

This paper examines the characteristics of peri-urban areas in Lafia, a relatively new town by Nigeria’s account, but an important state capital, whose mineral resources, hospitality, administrative and educational status continue to drive its urban expansion. Peri urban areas in Lafia are by no means homogeneous, but area characterized by market-led medium density sporadic housing developments, lacking in basic infrastructure and facilities, employment opportunities and are poorly linked to the main town by transportation facilities. It is recommended that there is the need for more proactive involvement and intervention by various stakeholders in the management of peri urban areas to enhance their potentials and to address their peculiar problems.

Keywords: Challenges, Lafia, Peri Urban Areas, Urbanization, facilities

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