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Contribution of Vehicular Emissions to Climate Change in Nigeria: A Closer Look


Climate change is fast becoming a global challenge, as most countries in the world have continue to increase their industrial capacities, resulting in increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Also, the increase in human population in Nigeria has caused increase in motor vehicles, thereby resulting to release of more gaseous pollutants to the atmosphere. This study examined contributions of vehicular emissions to climate change in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The concentration of air particulate matter and pollutants were monitored in three locations (Rumuokoro, Rumuola and Ada George) selected on the basis of traffic density. Air quality was monitored with MX6 Ibrid Multi gas monitors, MET ONE GT 321 for particulate matter, Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station for metrological parameters. Data on meteorological factors such as air temperature, wind speed, relative humidity were collected from the nearest weather station in Port Harcourt. Traffic records were taken at the designated locations using a close circuit television (Plate 5.1) in the morning, afternoon and evening respectively. All the parameters were monitored in each location, five days in a week every month for two years (2016-2017). The result of the analysis revealed that there was an increase in concentration of average air pollutants across the areas monitored between 2016 and 2017. The variation was attributed to increase in vehicular traffic volume and change in climatic conditions. This implies that emission rate from vehicles will continue to increase and contribute significantly to climate change, except measures are put in place to mitigate it.

Citation: Ucheje O.O. and Okolo O.J.  (2023) Contribution of Vehicular Emissions to Climate Change in Nigeria: A Closer Look, International Journal of Environment and Pollution Research, Vol.11, No.1 pp.43-62

Keywords: Air pollutants, Climate Change, concentration level, traffic volume, vehicular emission

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