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EFL Teachers’ Challenges on the Usage of Online Assessment Methods (Published)

The aim of this study is to investigate the challenges that EFL teachers face while assessing their students online and to find out some solutions EFL teachers can adopt to overcome the challenges of online assessments. The study has followed the descriptive approach by investigating some previous studies that shed the light on the online assessment that done by EFL teachers. According to most of previous studies, the results of this study show that most of EFL teachers face challenges when using online assessment methods. the severity of   these challenges is the iinternet cost and connection all the studies which were investigated by the researchers have these findings. Then, comes lack of digital literacy, less motivated and discouraged students and academic dishonesty respectively. The study recommends that EFL teachers should improve their computer literacy to be able to manage computers well or to operate a basic online platform. In addition, teachers should adopt effective and interesting teaching materials and techniques to increase students’ motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

Keywords: Assessment, Challenges, EFL Teachers, Methods, online

Impact of Online English Teaching Awareness among College Students (Published)

Computers and cell phones reaching every house hold in urban regions and spreading towards rural areas, e-teaching can be made use to impart teaching. T.V. and Multimedia should be used for Educational purpose definitely a picture is worth 1000 words. Animation technologies and 3D technologies can be used to impart effective teaching. Many difficult scientific and technical principles can be explained easily and effectively using e-learning methods, 3D technologies, animation and Multimedia techniques. Online Teaching is Integrated Communication Technology in a specified area or field. It is the technological development that reflects the new society and has its place within education. With many new initiatives, Online Teaching obviously has its problems that can be addressed over time. Online English Teaching requires the strenuous efforts of the teacher in preparing English lessons and delivering them online. The English Teacher has to update the scientific knowledge in the use of computers for teaching English. The objective of the study was to find out the effectiveness of Online Teaching Awareness among college students. In the present study, the investigator followed the normative survey method. The findings of the study are that the level of Online English Teaching Awareness among college students is moderate and there was a significant difference in Online English Teaching Awareness among college students with respect to Gender and Medium of Instruction.

Citation: Alhatim O.S., Elgoudman K.S., Yunus K. (2022) Impact of Online English Teaching Awareness among College Students, International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.11, No.1, pp.,1-7

Keywords: College, English teaching, Students, awareness, online

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