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Students’ Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness: level of acceptance, implementation, and causes for concern (A case study of Saudi faculty members at Jeddah University-Kholais Branch) (Published)

This study investigates the level of acceptance, causes for concern and the frequency of implementation regarding (SETE). To achieve these ends, the researchers distributed an online questionnaire (see Appendix 1) to total of (59) faculty members at Jeddah University – Khulais Branch. The study concluded that, in principle, faculty members welcome (SETE). In addition, the study showed that the most worrying point about (SETE) is the discrepancy between the ways in which students and teachers perceive effective teaching and what constitutes good or effective teaching while the less worrying point is the belief that (SETE) is demoralizing and violates the academic freedom and rights of faculty members. The study recommended that no one should be kept in the dark about the purpose, procedures, and results of (SETE) and all the stakeholders including the administration, students, and teachers should engage in an open and continuous discussion before and after the implementation of (SETE) to alleviate the gravity of the concerns about it and to increase its level of acceptance and viability. More importantly the study recommended that this open dialogue and discussion  should concentrate on agreeing on a general profile as to what makes effective teachers and constitutes effective teaching.

Citation:  Arafa Othman Mustafa Abdallah and  Babikir Abdelmaroof  Ahmed Balla (2022)  Students’ Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness: Level of Acceptance, Implementation, and Causes for Concern (A Case Study of Saudi Faculty Members at Jeddah University-Kholais Branch), International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.10, No.3, pp.,24-36


Keywords: Implementation, Teaching Effectiveness, causes for concern, level of acceptance, students' evaluation

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