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Demotivating Factors in English Language Learning as Perceived by Newly Hired English Language Teachers (Published)

Many researches claimed that motivation is a great factor in the teaching-learning-process. On the other hand, only few researches investigated the impact of demotivation in learning. There are many factors that demotivate learners and affect English language classes. This study aimed to investigate the perceived topmost factors that cause demotivation in English language learning. The data for this study were collected by means of a questionnaire about factors that demotivate learners. Newly hired English teachers from ELPYI- JTI, Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu responded to the questionnaire. They were chosen as respondents because they can literally connect to the younger generation. The collected data were analyzed by arranging the rating and ranking given for each factor. The analysis of the gathered data revealed a number of results. First, “Students’ Behavior” and “Teacher’s Behavior” are rated and ranked as the leading demotivating factors in English language learning. Second, “Poor Teaching Style” and “Poor Learning Style” are categorized as the topmost demotivating factors related to teachers and students. Third, “convenience” of the classroom is also perceived as a high factor of demotivation. Last, “Course/Lesson”, and “Course Requirements” are classified as the least demotivating factors that affect learning the English language.

Citation: Quines Z.M. (2023) Demotivating Factors in English Language Learning as Perceived by Newly Hired English Language Teachers, International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.11, No.2, pp.,18-30

Keywords: Learning Style, Motivation, demotivating factors, teaching style

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