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A Cognitive Linguistic Study of the Features of Gradability by Focus in Arabic (Published)

The present study tackles the linguistic phenomenon of ‘gradability by focus’ in Arabic from a cognitive linguistic perspective. By and large, the early Arab grammarians have not theorized about gradability despite its importance in the semantic relationships. They address some grammatical and morphological forms that convey either ends of the scale of gradability. Gradable forms include ‘‘’at-Tawwkīd’’ (i.e., emphasis), ‘’al-Mafξūl ’al-Muŧlaq” (i.e., the cognate object), şiyagh ’at-Taşghīr’’ (i.e., diminutive forms), “şiyagh ’al-Mubālaghah” (i.e., maximizers) and many other forms. However, they do not use any of the aforesaid forms under the heading of ‘’at-Tadarruj bit-Tarkīz’’ (i.e., gradability by focus). Therefore, the study grounds for ‘focus’ highlighting its salient lexical, grammatical, and morphological features in Arabic. The present paper provides definitions for gradability, focus, prototypicality and precision. Afterwards, it provides a detailed analysis of the sub-categories of prototypicality and precision unearthing their rhetorical functions. In conclusion, gradability by focus plays a key role in identifying the subtle shades of meaning. Tackling such cognitive linguistic features is of an overwhelming importance at the pure linguistic level as well as the sociolinguistic one.

Citation: Ali H.H.H. (2022) A Cognitive Linguistic Study of the Features of Gradability by Focus in Arabic, International Journal of English Language and Linguistics Research, Vol.10, No 5, pp.15-33

Keywords: Cognitive, Focus, Linguistic, Semantics, gradability, prototypicality

The Acquisition of English Reflexives by Speakers of Mandarin Chinese (Published)

This study offers a perspective on the interpretation of reflexive pronouns in English by Mandarin Chinese native speakers. It assumes that English reflexives are locally bound and based on structural processing in accordance with Principle A of Chomsky’s (1981) Binding Theory. However, Mandarin also long-distance binding of subjects is licit when there is no conflict with the centre of perspective within the sentence. The Test involves native speakers of Mandarin Chinese to see if their intuitions about English reflexive pronouns are in accordance with UG and if their grammars show logophoric features.   

Keywords: Second Language Acquisition, Semantics, Syntax, logophors, reflexives

Meaning and Semantic Roles of Words in Context (Published)

It is quite imperative to note that meaning has a significant role to play in human communication. Consequent upon this fact, semantics as a field of study has become an issue of debate. Linguists are still in oblivion with regard to consensus on single and workable definition of semantics. This controversy has led to several unending attempts to define semantics. The emphasis of this study is centred on the semantic roles of words in a given context upholding extentionalist opinion as a background or theoretical framework. The theory states that language constitutes words put together in a context to enhance communication within those who live and share the linguistic bounds. In the light of the above, the study focuses basically on the roles words in communication in a given situation. Technical terms such as agent, theme, and instrument among others are for the benefit of analytical purposes. The study restates that every lexical word has meaning, but its social application has implication on our day to day communication.         

Keywords: Meaning, Semantic Roles., Semantics, Words

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