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The Compulsive Voice of Decolonization: A Study on Kazi Nazrul Islam and his Rebellious Poems (Published)

Decolonization means restoring the independence of a country once occupied and controlled by another country. It is not an easy process for the colonized nations to build a hybrid culture. Determination to decolonize the European colonies in Africa and Asia is a remarkable historical process in the twentieth century. Many blazing boons were born in Africa and Asia to protest against British colony. In the Indian Subcontinent, the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam, rebellious poet of Bangladesh, is quite relevant. The most outstanding aspect of his poetry is a strange combination of ferocity with endurance, cruelty with softness. He knows that to stop the exploitation of the colonizers, the oppressed people must be united to overthrow the force of imperialism. Through his rebellious poems, he intends to make the Bengali territory, culture and also people’s mind-independent from the Western colonization in the very colonial period. This research paper aims to study how Nazrul upholds decolonization his spirit and advances it in his poems to ensure complete freedom for his nation.

Keywords: British Colonization, Indian Subcontinent, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Rebellious Poems, decolonization

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