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Teaching Writing to the Nursing Students: Perspectives, Problems, and Practices (Published)

This study is explored the perspectives of using technology to teach academic writing to nursing students at Northern college of Nursing. It aims to investigated the academic writing problems that faced these students and found out the practices that can be used to overcome these problems. The study followed the descriptive and analytical methods. The sample was chosen purposefully from the Northern College of Nursing, Arar, Saudi Arabia, which consists of (21) participants during the year 2022-2023. A questionnaire was used to collect the required data and the Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS) programme was used to analyze these data. The results of this study revealed that most of the participants believe that usage of technology facilitates teaching academic writing to nursing students and offers rich academic writing skills resources for both instructors and students. The practices should be done according to students’ levels and needs to improve their academic writing. Lack of academic writing skills and linguistic knowledge are the cause of nursing students academic writing problems. It concludes that perspectives, problems, and practices about academic writing skills of nursing students are of importance to consider carefully in the further planning and implementation of the study plans in nursing colleges. Language teachers, as well as, language courses should be increased in order to improve students’ academic writing skills.

Keywords: Perspective, Practices, Problems, teaching writing, writing in nursing

Translating Arabic Proper Names: A Foreignising Approach (Published)

The recent increase in random approaches to translating Arabic proper names into English has led to serious discrepancies in their transliterations as well as difficulties and problems in identifying one’s identity. This paper is an attempt to shed light on this phenomenon and to investigate the many problems and difficulties encountered in transliterating Arabic proper names in birth, marriage, passport and other personal documents. Venuti’s Foreignisation Approach, a theoretical framework for standardisation of the transliteration of Arabic proper names, was used for analysis and discussion. Results of the analysis and discussion of samples in this paper have indicated that there is an urgent need for a mechanism in order to help use a standardised profile for transliterating Arabic proper names all around the Arab world. To achieve this objective, a list of suggestions was made for use by those in authority and those interested in carrying out further research in this field.

Keywords: Arabic Proper Names, Authoritative Standardization, Culture, Domestication, Foreignisation, Problems, Transliteration

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