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Work Climate and Students’ Academic Achievement in Catholic Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria


This research investigated work climate and students’ academic achievement in Catholic secondary schools in Ogun State. Two research questions guided the investigation. It employed a correlational survey method adopting ex-post-facto design. The participants included thirty-six principals and vice-principals working in all the Catholic secondary schools in Ogun State.  The sample for the study consists of the total population, principals and vice principals in Catholic secondary schools in Ogun State. Census sampling method was utilized for the research. Questionnaire and checklist were self-developed by the researcher. The checklist titled “Students’ Academic Achievement Checklist” (SAAC), was utilized to gather data on students’ academic achievement using the promotional results of 2021, 2022 and 2023. The checklist was evaluated from A1 to F9, with D7 to F9 denoting failure and A1 to C6 showing a pass rating while questionnaire titled “Work Climate and Academic Achievement” Questionnaire, (WCAA)” was used by the researcher to gather information from the respondents. Mean scores and standard deviation, were employed to answer research questions. The finding in the study identified substantial connection between school environment and academic achievement of learners in Catholic secondary education in Lagos State. Moreover, a favourable relationship between conducive environments and higher academic achievement was established. The study highlights the interaction between school environment, retention of teachers and academic attainment of students, emphasizing their benefit in the context of Catholic secondary schools in Ogun State. Arising from this research, it was suggested among others that Catholic schools in Ogun State should strive to boost a positive school environment for both tutors and learners. Schools should apply various ways to retain effective, hardworking and experienced teachers. In addition, schools should continuously assess the standard of academic achievement, school environment, and human resource management practices.


Keywords: catholic secondary schools in Ogun State., students’ academic achievement, work climate

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