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Exploring The Effects of English as a Foreign Language on First Language Development of Young Children: The Case of Greece


This study meticulously investigates the interplay between Early Second Language Acquisition (ESLA) and the potential emergence of first language disorders in the unique context of Greece. Embedded in the Complex Dynamic Systems Theory (CDST) paradigm, it aims to untangle existing ambiguities and explore implications for Greek society and education. Employing a Concurrent Mixed Methods Approach, the study attempts to unveil the intricate impacts of ESLA on First Language Development (FLD).Grounded in CDST’s framework emphasizing linguistic system complexity, and interconnectedness, the research design employs a Descriptive Exploratory orientation through a Case Study Methodology. This facilitates comprehensive research into two cohorts of children aged four, representing monolingual Greek kindergartens (Cohort A) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL)-focused kindergartens (Cohort B).The research inquiries delve into multifaceted language development aspects amidst intricate linguistic dynamics. This involves nuanced analysis of potential performance disparities in the primary language pre- and post-interventions in early foreign language pedagogy, meticulous comparative assessment of both cohorts, and insightful exploration of EFL’s implications on young children’s nascent language development.Methodologically, data collection employs a language development assessment tool (Logometro®). The collection of both quantitative and qualitative data in this study is contingent upon the application of the Logometro® language assessment instrument. Thematic Analysis shapes the qualitative corpus, complemented by statistical analyses for quantitative data.Anticipated outcomes aim to enhance understanding among Greek educational authorities and the scientific community about intricate, adaptive ESLA impacts on FLD. Findings could influence enduring, impactful EFL policies shaped by Greek authorities. Overall, the research deepens comprehension of latent consequences tied to ESLA’s effects on FLD, set within Greece’s intricate context. Nested within CDST’s theoretical framework, the amalgamation of research methodology and insights provides a robust foundation for future inquiries and invaluable guidance for policymakers navigating English language education decisions among young learners.

Keywords: EFL policies, Greece, communication disorders, complex dynamic systems theory, early second language acquisition, first language development, language assessment, logometro.

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