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Assessment of The Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Institutions in Imo State, Nigeria, in The Era of Insecurity


The study investigated the assessment of the integration of ICT in teaching and learning   in tertiary institutions in Imo state in the era of insecurity. Two   research objectives, two research questions and one research hypothesis guided the study. The population of the study consisted of all the 2,722 lecturers in the seven tertiary institutions in Imo State, Nigeria. Random sampling technique was used to select 100 lecturers each from four out of the seven tertiary institutions. The instrument for data collection was a self –developed 10-item questionnaire entitled: Questionnaire for integration of ICT (QIICT).  Test retest method was used to ensure the reliability of the instrument. A reliability coefficient of 0.8 was determined for the instrument using the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. Mean was used to answer the research questions while ANOVA was used to test the hypothesis.  The study found out that the extent of integration of ICT facilities for teaching and learning by lecturers in tertiary institutions in Imo State is still low even in this era of insecurity where it is necessary for lecturers interact with the students while they are at home. It also found out that the extent of application of ICT facilities did differ significantly among the institutions and that factors such as epileptic power supply and lack of ICT facilities are among the factors that   militate against the application of ICT facilities by lecturers.

Keywords: ICT, Insecurity, Integration, Teaching and Learning

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