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Effects of Instructional Strategies and Gender on Junior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Business Studies in Rivers State, Nigeria


Business Studies is offered in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) as a subject meant to expose learners to commerce, office management, trade and book keeping. In spite of its importance, performance in the subject is below expectation in Rivers State. Previous studies revealed that brainstorming and field trip will improve learning outcomes but they are rarely used while teaching Business Studies. This study, therefore, determined the effects of brainstorming (BTM), field trip (FTTM), and conventional teaching methods (CM) and gender on secondary school students’ achievement in Business Studies. All the JSS 2 students (467) in the selected schools participated in the study. The treatment lasted for seven weeks. The instrument used was Business Studies Achievement Test (r=0.82), Data collected was analysed using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) at 0.05 level of significance. There was a significant main effect of treatment on students’ achievement in Business Studies [F(2,131)=26.70, partial η2=0.29]. Participants in FTTM had the highest mean (35.79), followed by BTM (35.71) and CM (27.54). Results revealed that gender did not have a significant main effect on students’ achievement in business studies [F(1,131) =.315, P> .05]. Brainstorming and Field trip teaching methods influenced learning outcomes of students in Business studies in Rivers state but Field trip method was better. It is therefore suggested that teachers should use both methods during Business studies classes.

Keywords: Achievement, Gender, Instructional Strategies, Junior Secondary School Students, Nigeria, Rivers State, business studies

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