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Socio – Economic Marginalization and Youth Restiveness, Impact On Community Development in Nigeria


This study investigates socio-economic marginalization and youths’ restiveness impact on community development. The study employed content analysis with indepth literature review as methodology. Socioeconomic marginalization is the exclusion of the youth in the social and economic activities of the community and also denying them from benefiting from socio -economic opportunities of the land. The concept of youth restiveness is the unwelcome attitude and behaviour, demonstrating violence and grievances to press home their demands, needs and aspiration. All of these impact community development which represent real change in the life of a community in terms of the people, infrastructure, the environment.  Empirical literatures have investigated the nexus among socio-economic marginalization, youths’ restiveness and their impact on community development and found strong correlations among the variables. Thus, socio-economic marginalization brings about youths’ restiveness which in turn crops up negative impact on community development. This is validated with this studies. To reverse this trend, socio-economic inclusion should be encouraged which will in turn eliminate restiveness of youth and bring about sustainable community development. Thus, this study concludes that, involvement of youth in social and economic activities of the community, opening opportunities for them will curb restiveness and crop up sustainable community development. Therefore, the study recommends that, there should be youth involvement in terms of participation and benefits association with the socio-economic activities of the community.  This will systematically eliminate restiveness and drive community development. 

Citation: Ifeoma Felicia Uzoagu  (2022) Socio – Economic Marginalization and Youth Restiveness, Impact On Community Development in Nigeria, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.6, pp.1-12

Keywords: Community development, Nigeria, Socio-Economic, marginalization, youth restiveness

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