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Teachers’ Motivation for Effective Implementation of the National Language Policy in Ebonyi State, Nigeria


This descriptive survey was carried out in order to determine the teachers motivation for effective implementation of the national language policy in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. A random sample of 602 language teachers completed a corresponding copies of questionnaire designed for the study. Out of this number, 594 copies of the questionnaire, representing about 98.8% return rate, were used for data analysis. Mean and standard deviations were used to describe the teachers’ motivation for effective implementation of the national language policy. Results showed that the respondents would be encouraged to teach effectively if incentives are provided for them to a great extent except in items 1 and 2 that indicates very great extent with the mean of = 3.03 and = 3.03 respectively. The results of the study showed that non-payment of special language teachers allowances, non-placement of teachers on special salary scale, no provision of books and other relevant materials (free of charge) lack of regular training to update the teachers’ knowledge and lack of sponsorship to attend language seminars and workshops by the teachers. The study supports the need for government to provide incentives in form of allowances and special salary scale for Nigerian language teachers in the field.

Keywords: Ebonyi State, Implementation teachers, Motivation

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