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Achieving sustainable Development Goal 4 in Nigeria: Problems and prospects (Published)

Education has been widely recognized not only as a fundamental human right but also as a catalyst for sustainable development and a vehicle for confronting the challenges facing societies in terms of socio-economic, environmental and ecological realities, considerable attention is shifting towards it. As a corollary, Sustainable Development Goal 4 have equally been identified as constituting a force contributing to social and economic development. As a member of the United Nations, Nigeria is committed to achieving not only the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 but also the Global Goals, especially SDG 4 on equitable quality education. This paper examines the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals 4 and it’s conceptual dimensions. The paper also outlines current trends in the context of the Nigerian education system and suggests policy, strategy and institutional considerations for the purpose of achieving SDG 4 in Nigeria. A number of suggestions were made towards the achievement of sustainable development goal 4, such as integrating education and training at all levels.

Keywords: Development, Sustainable, goals four

Values of Sustainable Community Development (Published)

The paper focused on the values of sustainable community development. Every human endeavour in development process is value-oriented. Sustainable community development offers people an opportunity to value the benefits of sustainable community development to people of present generation and future generations. The concept of sustainable community development is a process whereby the efforts of members of participating communities are united with those of governmental authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate organizations (COs) among others in order to improve the living conditions of people of present generation without joepardising the abilities of future generations to take care of their own needs. People must be careful to understand the values which they desire to have in engaging in sustainable community development. The paper identified the values of sustainable community development to include generational values, economic sustainability, social sustainability, empowerment of people, group action among others. The concern of sustainable community development is to add value to the lives of people of present generation without disrupting the opportunities of future generations to benefit from the same expectations. The paper contains some of the following recommendations: (1) The values of sustainable community development should possess sustainable features that will help to promote sustainable community development initiatives (2.) The values of sustainable community development should possess suitable qualities that will stimulate qualitative sustainable community development concerns. (3) There is need to inculcate the right type of values and attitudes in people for sustainability of the values of community development projects among others.

Keywords: Community and Development, Sustainable, Values

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