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The Development of the Assessment Instrument of Social Attitude for Percontohan State Primary School Students Grade Four in Kabanjahe Academic Year 2017/2018 (Published)

This study aims to find assessment instruments that can be used in carrying out the assessment of social attitudes of elementary school students’ grade four. It is a type of research & development, which is a research process used to produce a product in the form of a social attitude assessment instrument in the fourth grade of Percontohan Sate Primary School, Kabanjahe. Subjects in the study are primary school students’ grade four and teachers at Percontohan State Primary School Kabanjahe. There are four validation expesrt who have criteria as: (a) civics material experts, (b) language experts, (c) design experts and (d) instrument experts. The object of this research is the development of instruments for assessing students’ social attitudes. The results of preliminary analysis of teacher and student books for grade four elementary school students with topic The Beauty Togetherness and sub topics My Nation Culture Diversity, Unity in Diversity, and Gratefulness for Diversity, that there are no detailed instruments of social attitudes in each learning sub-theme. Based on the acquisition of validation scores from each expert the average score in the study of civics material is 82.14% with a very valid category, the average score in the study of language material is 84.37% with a very valid category, the average score on study design 85.94% with a very valid category and the average score with an instrument study 82.50% with a very valid category. The results of small-scale trials with an average score of 84.37% with very valid and large-scale categories obtained an average score of 90.62% with very valid categories. Based on the instrument questionnaire assessment of the 2013 curriculum social attitudes given to teachers, it is not difficult to use the instrument so that the social attitude assessment instrument is valid and it can be used.

Keywords: Assessment Instrument, social attitudes

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