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Inclusive Education: Developments in Sub-Saharan Africa (Published)

The engagement of countries within Sub-Saharan Africa in various measures to raise and equalise enrolment of boys and girls in schools demonstrates their commitment to include. However, developments reflect the challenges some national education systems in the region encounter to practice inclusive education. Educators within the region appear to be grappling with the notion of inclusivity and that is having effects on the provisioning of education that is indeed for all primary age children in local community schools within the context. The insistence to preserve existing local cultures and emphasis on competence based curriculum constrains efforts of practitioners to ensure the mainstreaming of presence, participation and achievement of all pupils at school. Some pupils consequently leave school without positive outcomes. Inclusive education as an approach to reposition education for all implies the adoption of curriculum of differentiation to be able to reach out to all pupils, including those who feel dissatisfied with existing school practices as well as those who seem distant in the context.

Keywords: Achievement, Inclusion, Participation, Pupil, presence, sub-Saharan Africa


This study examined influence of single parenting on pupils’ academic performance with a focus on whether academic performance differed between child from single parents home and those from two parent homes. The cross-sectional study design was used. A questionnaire aided the collecting of primary data while secondary data on test scores was obtained from pupils’ report cards. The sample size was 170. Data analysis involved using cross tabulation and t – test. The results show that there is a significant difference between the academic performance of pupils from single parent homes and those from two parent homes. The main conclusion drawn from this study is that single parenting has negative impact on a child’s academic performance. The study recommends that teachers should give pupils from single parent homes attention to enable them cope and that they should equally be counseled to make them adjust to the academic environment.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Pupil, Single Parent Home, Two Parent Home

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