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Effects of Experiential and Problem-Solving Strategies On Academic Performance of Biology Students in Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the effects of experiential learning and problem-solving strategies on academic performance of Biology students at senior level in some senior secondary schools located in south-west Nigeria. The study examined the difference in the academic performance of Biology students taught with experiential learning and problem solving strategies and their counterparts taught with conventional method. The research design for the study was a quasi-experimental research of the pre-test, post-test control group. The population consisted of Biology students in all public senior secondary schools in south-west Nigeria. The sample consisted 240 SS2 Biology students which was selected through multistage sampling procedure. Two groups were randomly selected to experimental groups and control group. The students in the experimental groups were exposed to experiential learning and problem solving strategies, while the control group were taught with conventional teaching method. Biology Performance Test was used to generate data for the study after the treatment. The instrument was validated by experts in Science Education and Tests, Measurement and Evaluation. Their suggestions were taken into consideration for necessary correction. The reliability was ensured by using test re-test method and coefficient of 0.82 was obtained. The hypotheses were analysed using mean, standard deviation, t-test, Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) and multiple classifications Analysis (MCA). The finding showed that there was low performance in experiential learning, problem solving and control groups before the treatment. After exposure of experimental group to experiential learning, problem solving strategies, their performance was high compare to their counterparts in control group. It was recommended that Biology teachers should upgrade their knowledge on experiential learning and problem solving strategies through seminar or workshop, students should be encouraged to use their experience to solve problems in any given concept to enhance their performance.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Effect, experiential learning strategy, problem-solving strategy, science students

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