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The Law of ‘Negligence Liability’ and University Funding in Nigeria (Published)

Recently, the federal government prescribed “at least 26% minimum of the federal, state, and local Government budget” as ‘adequate level’ for Education financing in Nigeria (FRN, 2013, p. 70). This benchmark is reasonably intended to avert the dare consequences education programmes implementation would suffer if budgetary allocations fall below this policy prescription. But percentage budgetary allocations have continuously become inadequate (7%, 9%, 10%, 10%, 11%, 11%, 8%, 7%, and 7%) in recent years, (2010 – 2018), paralyzing education infrastructure and hence programme implementation in the universities which are ‘foreseeable’ consequences. Therefore, this paper believes that such public University financing behaviour impinge on ‘negligence-liability per se’, a culpable offense under the law of tort. And, immediate redress is necessary as well as create awareness among scholars, reset managerial action and focus political discourse on ‘policy-compliant’ university funding acts in the decades ahead.

Keywords: Education Funding, Negligence Liability, Official Carelessness, Policy-Compliance.

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