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Crises as a Catalyst for Development: Assessing The Toll of Covid-19 Pandemic-Related Policies on Private School Students in Kuwait (Published)

The current study aims at exploring the educational policy in Kuwait and its consideration of the rights of education, emphasizing justice and equality for all learners during times of crisis. It concentrates on the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges faced by parents in private schools. The study adopts quantitative statistical methods and employs a questionnaire that involved 294 parents. The findings show that parents of private school students in Kuwait encountered several difficulties, during the time of the pandemic, which lead to unequal educational opportunities. Consequently, this study supports the development of the educational policies to address similar crises stressing the need for a comprehensive educational plan that ensures equitable support and supply of resources during emergencies. This is crucial for promoting educational equality in private and public institutions in Kuwait.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, Development, Kuwait, crises, policies, private school students

Skills: A Pathway to Employability and Prosperity. European Commission Policies (Published)

The contemporary societal characteristics, the rapid technological developments, the increase in age limits, the strong demographic changes, the high rates of unemployment have led to major changes in the workplace. There is a strong demand for national and international policies, which aim at the development of employability and prosperity of citizens. In a context of global co-operation and coalition, international organizations, such as the United Nations Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union (EU) Institutions, are called upon to play an important role in the development of prosperity, social cohesion and the economy of the countries, given that they have both the appropriate experience and the extensive diplomatic networks. In such a context, a great number of significant official texts have been drafted. Texts which provide policy guidance to member states in order to achieve growth and prosperity. This study, through the qualitative analysis of the European Commission’s text “Communication: A new skills agenda for Europe”, tries to capture and investigate the way employability can be protected and maintained. The analysis shows that a basic dimension of employability concerns the improvement and development of a skillset which people need to obtain in order to get and keep employed. These skills are planned and supported by corresponding policies and they are also differentiated according to target populations.

Keywords: Employability, Prosperity, Skills, policies

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