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It is considered that physical education (PE) teachers’ level of assertiveness greatly impact the duration of their tenure, their attitudes towards other individuals and the way they cope with the challenges they face in life. Therefore, it is of significance to determine the factors that affect PE teachers’ assertiveness level.The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of sporting in accordance with different variables on assertiveness of PE teachers. A total of 135 PE teachers, 36 female and 99 male, in the city of Erzurum in Turkey,participated in the study. Rathus Assertiveness Scale developed by Rathus was employed in the analysis of data. Frequency distribution, t-test and ANOVA were utilized to process the data. The differences amongst the groups choices were evaluated based on 0.05 significance level.Based on the findings, no difference was observed among Rathus Assertiveness averages with respect to marital status. On the other hand, a significant difference was observed with respect to gender, educational background, sporting habits, type of sports performed and age. It was noticed that PE teachers with sporting habits tend to have higher assertiveness level than those with no sporting habit. As a proposition, the significant of elements that could be effective on encouraging PE teachers for sporting habits hence increasing their assertiveness levels as they have constant interaction with students and peers in many educational and social settings

Keywords: Assertiveness, Physical Education Teachers, Sport and Assertiveness

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